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Oval Shape

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The Activist

  The Activist doesn’t accept the things they cannot change, they change the things they can..


The Boss

  The Boss takes charge and doesn’t apologize for it. Through the thick and thin, they’re al..


The Bruce

  The Bruce is as solid, strong, and sure as the sun shines. The Bruce is confident, certain..


The Candy

  The Candy doesn’t take life too seriously. Her attitude is fearless and her easy laughter ..


The Coco

  The Coco sees a lot in life, and she does so with a different design. She goes where she w..


The Heroine

  When the challenge seems insurmountable, The Heroine springs into action. She is not deter..


The Jagger 2-3 Days

The Jagger

  The Jagger. There's only one, and no other comes close. An artifact of the counterculture,..


The Judge

  Don’t underestimate The Judge because they’re quiet. They know more than they say, think m..


The Madam

  The Madam doesn’t sit down and wait for opportunities to come. She gets up and makes them...


The Rockstar

  The Rockstar lives for two desires - have fun, and change the world. They have the chance ..


The Street

  The Street never wonders what’s ‘in’, she knows . She has the panache of Parisian street s..