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The Alchemist

  The Alchemist leaves no stone unturned in the quest for discovery. What others consider im..


The Entrepreneur

  Life’s too short to work in a cubicle for The Entrepreneur. Fear is the disease. Hustle is..



  The MLK is a leader, and people are listening. Just like the Man, don't be satisfied with ..


The Philanthropist

  The Philanthropist is the pebble in the pond that creates the ripple for change. Their imp..


The Piven

  The Piven has the old school smart look that inspires the West Side spirit. The Piven does..


The Savant 2-3 Days

The Savant

  The Savant is exceptional, and no one can say different. The Savant has all the answers, a..


The Angelou

  Always changing and expanding, The Angelou, bares a voice that rises above even when all o..


The Aristotle

  The Aristotle doesn’t accept life at face value. They push the limits of logic and use rea..


The Confucius

  The Confucius is both wise and witty. But don’t be fooled by its quip, it sees deep and pe..


The Douglas

  The Douglas is a free thinker; a visionary even when the road ahead is dark. He is dignifi..


The Epicurus

  The Epicurus values simplicity and quality. A good glass of wine, a conversation with frie..


The Freud

  The Freud unearths and solves, reframes and translates. They hold onto dreams and clarifie..


The Galileo Coming Soon

The Galileo

  The Galileo is modern and cutting edge. He dreams big and sees his vision through to compl..


The Maimonides Coming Soon

The Maimonides

  Maimonides possesses an unparalleled clarity. From philosophy, medicine, art, science and ..


The Plato

  The Plato ages well, never going out of style. She sets the standard and raises the bar hi..


The Rand Coming Soon

The Rand

  The Rand is unafraid and modern. She values minimalism and makes that her mantra. She is h..


The Socrates

  The Socrates is unconventional and yet fundamental. Fresh, reliable, and never boring, the..


The Thoreau

  The Thoreau is noble and good at his essence. He is the perfect human, living life as it w..


The Tolstoy

  The Tolstoy finds meaning in tragedy and unrequited romance. He sees the storm, the emotio..


The Voltaire

  Idiosyncratic and yet liked by all The Voltaire is quick to make others laugh and think si..